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Why The 12v PitStop ?

We at the 12v PitStop bring with us an in depth knowledge of battery management. This is aided by use of the best tools be it for testing, charging or jump starting. Our team members offer quick response and are trained to understand batteries and the related problems. So be it your bike battery, car battery or inverter battery, we have the experience and tools to detect, recover or suggest the best option for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions ?

We serve in East of Kailash, Okhla, Nehru Place, lajpat Nagar, South Extension.

Absolutely Yes, First Service is completely Free only if you book Online.

Yes, We always use Quality Tools from Leading brands like CTEK, Foxwell, OzCharge, Konnwei, Rislone & Powertec.

Yes, We have Excellent Customer Support For all your queries. 9311211157

Batteries have been idle for long periods of time may not be possible to recover fully. However our experts will provide a professional opinion after testing the battery both before and after charging. 

Yes you can use. Although not required we suggest to use recondition program every 6 months irrespective of the state of the battery

Yes. All batteries need to be charged based on the chemistry, size, age , condition. We at 12v pitstop know this and use the right process for your battery with the aim to reduce downtime for your battery

It is recommended that you charge the battery fully every 3 months. This ensures a good specific gravity of the acid and the retain the power of the battery. In addition the life of the battery gets extended  by 2 – 3 times.

Yes. Inverter batteries are not like starter batteries and are called deep cycle batetries. They need to be charged using  dedicated algorithm which we at 12v pitstop know and use.

It depends on the condition. Age, size of the battery. Generally it ranges from 4 Hours to 16 hours. 

Absolutely. If we fail to charge your battery, we provide a full refund. 

Over period of time sulphation occurs which can reduce the power and life of the battery. Using a electric pulse technology we ensure to reduce the sulphation which increases not only the power but also the charge retention capability of the battery. It is reflected through measurement of Internal resistance often called as IR

Yes. We use the latest and most reliable technology to jump start. Not only that we also use battery less jump starters which are environment friendly too.

Once we start the work, it will take anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes to jump start the car

We aim to provide a 30 minute schedule to reach you. In case we fail to do that then the jump start is free for you

Jump starting should only be used in emergency. It may harm the battery and as such we suggest to regularly charge you battery to avoid jump starting

Jump start only ensures that you vehicle can start and go from place A to place B. It is highly recommended that if you jump start the vehicle then the next thing is to do a recon charging to evaluate the life of the battery 

Yes. In case we fail to jump start your vehicle, we will provide a full refund. No questions asked.

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